Post installation of Kali Linux.

Hello friends…..

Today I’m going to show you important things to do after installing Kali Linux (2016.2).

Let’s start :

1- Fix repository list :

Error : “package ‘xyz’ had no installation candidate” comes when you try to install a new software in Kali Linux.

To overcome this error you have to fix your sources.list file.

To do this open Terminal and type:

sudo leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list

It will open sources.list file. Now copy my sources.list file to yours.


Download my sources.list from HERE.

2- Update and Dist-upgrade Kali Linux :

To update list of available packages and their version and sources.list type:

sudo apt-get update


To upgrade your system and applications type:

sudo apt-get upgrade


To fully upgrade your system type:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

3- Enable touchpad in laptop :

To enable touch to click go to :

Setting >> Mouse & Touchpad >> Tap to click


4- Fix no sound in Kali Linux :

Open Terminal and type :

systemctl –user enable pulseaudio && systemctl –user start pulseaudio 

Now Reboot.

5- Stop auto sleep and auto suspend :

To do so go to :

Setting >> Power


Blank screen >> Never

Automatic suspend >> off


6- Install Synaptic (software center) :

Download Synaptic from HERE. It is a .deb file.

Open Terminal and type:

sudo dpkg -i <file_path/file_name.deb>


Go to my post for Installing packages in Kali Linux help.

That’s all…

YouTube Video :

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