Network and port Scanning (nmap): Kali Linux

Hello friends….

Today I’m going to show you how to scan your network and ports in Kali Linux.

1- Open Terminal and type:

route -n


it will show you your IP address and interface.

2- To scan single IP address type:



it will scan only single IP address.

3- To scan whole network type:



nmap 192.168.43.*


it will scan whole networks. Shows devices connected to the network and open ports.

4- nmap flags

-O  :-  O.S detection.

-sS :-  TCP SYN scan

-P0 :-  Ports detection.

-T5 :-  Fast Scanning.


Some devices are unable to identified. Android phones are easy.

For more flag details go here.

5- GUI version (Zenmap)

Zenmap is the GUI version for nmap.


Replace my IP address with yours.

Thats all….

YouTube Video:

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Good Bye.


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